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We specialize in buying surplus pulp and paper mill equipment throughout the world. Paper machines, pulp washing drums, suction boxes, rolls, cooch rolls, suction rolls, pulp chest agitators, headboxes, bird screens, refiners, pump and motors, heat exchangers, valves, and many other pulp and paper equipment.

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At Oil City Assets we buy from small contractors to large industrial companies. Asset recovery is our specialty.

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Paper Mill Equipment


At Oil City Assets we're proud to say we are fast, friendly, and proffesional. We provide all transportation. Nothing gets loaded before payment first! Our goal is to build long term relationships, and satisfy customers. With 25 years of experience, our team are expert surplus buyers of machinery and equipment in both large and small quantities. Oil City Assets will come to you and look at your material and give you the most money possible. Safety is our goal and we meet all safety rules and regulations. Oil City Assets can create a customized Surplus Management Program to fit your company needs. We can turn your bone yard into cash, dont scarp it, call us!


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